How Does It Feel To Be Alone And A Teen In America?

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Many teenagers today are alone and suicidal. Teens today are under pressure to have sex and are tempted from their peers to do drugs, and belong to a gang and are being bullied. Even though many teens have more than enough friends and peers they are alone.

Teen girls are alone because when they have sex with someone whether it's a boy or someone of the same sex, they feel that they have to to belong because everyone is doing it. Therefore many teen girls instead of talking to parents, or school counselors, they feel that they will be judged so they try and commit suicide. Teen boys fill that if they come out about their sexual desires towards other boys they will be bullied and they don't feel adequate. The schools don't have a open door policy for these issues, thefore many teens are committing suicide, taking drugs, especially over the counter drugs. Teens find themselves being alone, becuase of what they see on TV, with the reality TV shows, they see themselves as not pretty, to thin or to fat, their skin, hair to short, not enough bling, so they go out and join a gang to belong or start selling drugs, so they ca have the bling, or by clothing for the style. When they can't do these things the become lonely, scared, and fearful, and act out with their parents. Many drop out of school, and are suspended do to the fact that they act tough but they are very alone.

Alone and a teen In America today should be more talked about in the media, because so many of our kids are alone and a teen they are desperate and are becoming violent towards one another very disrepectfyl towards teachers and their parents and do not repsect authority. We need more programs for out teens to come to after school and during school so when they need to communicate with an adult about their issues so maybe we can prevent more teens from commiting suicide, and they want feel so alone. As a educator and someone who wants to continue working with our youth and bring attention to our teens who are losing hope in themselves. I want stop until I reach as many teens and let them know that it is not about being a follower but a leader and yes having peers is a good thing throughout your Jr. High and High School years. But You have to love yourself enough to not alow other peers stop yopu from getting your education, making good decisions, and listening to your parents and teachers will give you an opprotunity to be very successful. But if you find yourself alone and a teen talk to someone don't be afraid to get help, your life is worth living and you are beautuful from the inside out nomatter what others say. Tell someone if someone hurt you, As a teen you do have talents and abilities to be whatever you want to be, inspite of where you come from, you don't have to be alone as a teen unless you choose to be.
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