How can I find help with teen peer pressure?

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Peer pressure is usually inforced when there is a lead group of individuals or a dominant person that seeks to introduce bad behavior to another person with persuasion or redicule. In some instances peer pressure is inforced by association. For example.... Lizy says we are the in crowd at Statson High. Every girl of the incrowd at Statson High has a boyfriend on the football team. Your mother and father does not want you dating, but in order to fit in and recieve praise from your peers you find a boyfriend on the team. Lets say Lizy drinks and she owns a car. Lizy then invites you to a party. You know that there will be no adults supervising and alcohol present. What do you do? Number one is, you must realize the importance of rules. They are not to broken, bent or ignored. Secondly, self preservation will carry directlty to my next point. If you love yourself more than outside influences then the battle is already won. We do not have to go into the whole spill about when girl meets boy and what tends to happen next. Neither do we have to touch on what can happen when teens and alcohol come together. It is the apparent things of life that we all just simply over look. If you have peers that push you in a direction that is not possitive you have all the authority to rebel and take the opportunty to be the new leader.

Those who seek to entice a person to do wrong are weak. These types of people are selfish individuals that need attention and acceptance also. Pressure from your counter parts are there to create more strength for the weak and less strength in the weaker. It is really a vicious cylce that can be halted dead in its tracks through respect for self. Realize your duty to yourself and remain firm in your beliefs. Stand above these types of people with kindness and respect. In time you will reap the benefit of a true leader which will intern spark a fire within someone connected or very close to you.

As a youth it was hard staying focused on the things I should have been focused on. I did not have the guidance. My adolescence was more trial and era. I'm writing in order to reach out to that young girl who has been placed in an adult situation. The young man that is plagued with responsibility that consume his childhood life. You have all the power and authority to fix your own situations. Seek the good in life. Don't fear anyone! And always remember you are in ultimate control of your destiny. Help in this area is always within reach. Noone can make you do anything you don't want to do. Peer pressure is nothing but a chance to rise up and become the leader you were designed to be. Grasp the present for what it is worth. I empower you to capture your future.

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