How do I deal with school teen bullying in my life?

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Being a student it can be nearly impossible to deal with school teen bullying. Most bullies don't respond to threats made by you or teachers/authority figures. It may be hard when it is all being thrown down at you but school teen bullying does not have to rule your life.

The obvious answers are always there, such as telling your parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and principals. Always go to an adult first, especially if there is violence even as small as throwing paper wads. Adults still have authority over teenagers and students and can always handle the situation better. Doing this will not promise a change though, and if it doesn't, do not give up. Most teenagers will simply let school teen bullying effect them in other areas of life but the secret is to not let them. They are not in control of you.

Fighting is never the answer whether verbally or physically because believe it or not, that is what the bully wants. A response. Don't give them what they want because it will only get worse. You will not prove yourself better to them by giving into their childish ways. It may sound hard but the best thing to do is ignore them. Simple as that. Ignoring them won't give them anything, even giving sarcastic replies and agreeing with them will make them give up because you're not affected.

The key is self confidence, which is hard to learn, especially as a teenager. Even feigning self confidence will help you gain it and trick them into thinking that you don't care about what they're saying even if you do. That is the other trick, however, don't care about the things they say. Take their words at face value. Most bullies say what they do because they want their friends to think they're cool. They don't believe the words they say and most times feel bad about what they say.

Bullies are as insecure and complex as you. They don't have it all figured out, in fact, they mainly bully you because they think you have it all figured out. It makes no sense, but then again, has being a teenager ever made sense to you or anyone else? I myself dealt with teen bullying and was what most would know as the 'loner kid'; the introvert who didn't know how to talk to people. I literally had no friends and without that support system, bullying can be hard to deal with.

The first step to getting past bullying when you're in that situation is to force yourself to be a part of a group. Join a school club, get a job, make yourself talk to people and talk to others when they talk to you. This doesn't mean online either, get out there in the real world and when you do and you get friends and people who do enjoy you, you'll realize how insignificant all the bullying is to you. Self confidence, the insignificance of bullying, and your own support group (friends and family) is the simple solution to getting past the teen bullying in your life.

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