How do I get someone to stop cyber bullying me?

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So, you want to know how to stop cyber bullying? Perhaps you have been a target of cyber bullying or perhaps you have a friend that is suffering. In either case, I'm glad your here and willing to learn.

Here are some of the best ways to stop cyber bullying. I'll list them for you and then describe each one in a bit more detail. While nothing is ever guaranteed, these actions have been known to help.

1. If you can, tell your parents. They are your first and best line of defense.

OK. So telling your parents may be a tough one. Chances are they will get mad and take away your internet privileges. If you can't talk to your parents about it tell a trusted adult. They might be able to help your parents understand that the issue is not access to the internet but how others are using it that is the problem. Share some anti cyber bullying sites with your parents to help them learn how to help you. A good start is to check out or

2. Don't write, send or forward mean messages even if you want to retaliate, don't.

Seriously? Yes. If you take part in a text war or forward embarrassing pictures then you are acting to either make it worse for someone else or exposing your self to retaliation. Think about how others will think about what YOU write or post (before you hit send!).

3. Block, save the evidence and report.

If someone is bullying you, block them. Take screen shots or print out the offending posts, texts or emails. You'll need these later to show to your parents, school or law enforcement. Written evidence prevents a he said-she said! Report the offending behavior to the website provider. Most sites have strict policies against harassment and will often shut down the offender. Remember to take a screen shot and print your email to the moderator so you have proof later.

4. Prevent bullying from becoming an issue by staying away from the drama that so often occurs on social networking sites.

Oh the drama! We all know that relationships have left the passing notes in the classroom to the instant gratification of electronic communication. Text a romance in Freshman year and twenty minutes later the whole school knows about it. Do your self a favor tell the person you like face to face, not in an email or a text. Hard to do I know but much more private. And if that person goes blabbing it on the internet, their probably not worth your time anyway.

5. Don't share your passwords! Do we really need to say more on this?

6. Seek help from your school.

Schools have a tough time with cyber bullying. Often they do not have the authority to discipline a student for activities that take place outside of school. However, they do have resources and you can find help. Talk to your school counselor about the issue. The point is to find adult help and school is a great place to do that.

7. Contact law enforcement - Caution - be prepared to be honest and your parents WILL be involved. Many law enforcement agencies are still trying to catch up with the speed at which information travels over the internet. However, a lot of departments have experts available to assist in determining if cyber bullying rises to a level of harassment or abuse that may be illegal. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions. You will probably want to discuss this with your parents or another trusted adult first.

There are many ways to act to stop cyber bullying but the most important thing is not to hide it from trusted adults. While keeping it secret may be the first thing you would want to do it is the last thing you should do. After all, the world can read it on the internet so be smart and let an adult in on it before it gets so serious.

To make it simple follow these three steps: Be kind on the Internet, seek help from trusted adults and always document, by printing hard copy, any electronic communication that you feel is hurtful.

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