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How do I get over a break up?
BethAnswered by: Beth, An Expert in the Love and Dating Category

We all know breakups hurt. Mentally, emotionally, even physically. Sometimes it feels like the pain will never end, and sinking deeper into a depressive spiral can make one think t...

Friend perform support?
JenniferAnswered by: Jennifer, An Expert in the Having Friends Category

My friend, Rachel, is performing at Three Friends Coffee House in Portland tonight, so Brenda, and I decided we would go to support her. Rachel and I just started recovering from ...

After a break up?
JeanettaAnswered by: Jeanetta, An Expert in the Teenage Advice - General Category

I'm not perfect, nor have I ever claimed to be. I know that I have many imperfections. However, I am aware that everyone else has imperfections as well. I want to love and be loved...