Are love dating advice bloggers or writers the new modern day “cat lady?”

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Not sure, but let's face it, most women write about love much more than men do. And since I can't exactly think of a reference for men other than hermits, I'll just focus on defending or at least justifying the women writers or bloggers.

We all know the meaning of the term “cat lady.” It's a woman who lives with several cats because, after the age of at least 30, she either can't keep, find or love a man enough to stay. Or perhaps, she turned bitter and lonely from love but somewhere found it in the comfort of cats, and was able to enjoy her life in a weird twisted way.

Although this “cat lady” term still exists, I noticed nowadays it has taken a form of a modern twist. Even though I might myself be in this spectrum, being a writer and all, but who doesn't love dating advice! So, it's safe to say that online writers and bloggers are the new modern day cat ladies and we're not even aware of it!

Think about it!

Most of us write about love from the comfort of our homes and some of us may even own cats while we do it. It's hard to say how we give love dating advice to others when we are most likely single ourselves. And as for those that are in a relationship, there's no telling if we're actually happy either. All I know is that as writers we probably struggle to pay our bills and in this day and age men want us to contribute financially, so it's a really good chance we're either single, alone, or live with our families.

I mean how many famous love bloggers or writers do you know that are actually married? Exactly! And I'm only referring to women who were writing about love before they got married. It doesn't count in my book if you found the career field after marriage.

But what does this really tell us anyway, you ask?

Are these women all at a lost cause for finding true love?

Nope, not at all. They've got their relationship goals or intentions clearly set straight for a new mate to follow. These women have been through the headaches already in the past relationships, so, they are guaranteed ready for a real relationship. Then what is it that makes this be a status quo for them? Well, this can be a little intimidating for some men. And to be honest, they probably possess a quality that just attracts on again off again relationships before the official right one comes along. But isn't that what happens to every woman in a relationship?

Let's just face it, being a love or dating advice blogger holds a higher risk at single than any other genre, and real love might happen to us the day we venture off into a different form of writing or a maybe a new career entirely. Here's to the hope of that happening though, right?!

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