What are some tips on love to finding out if someone is in love with you?

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You're starting to see them in your dreams, you're thinking about them constantly, and you're even doodling their name on the corner of your notebook now and then. Obviously, you're in love. However, how do you know when another person has the hots for you? There are some key characteristics that can be identified through body language that a person may show unconsciously when they are around and/or talking to the person they are in love, or have interest, with. With these tips on love, hopefully you can identify hidden emotional messages from the other person.

According to Wikipedia.org, body language is "nonverbal communication, wherein a person may reveal clues as to some unspoken intention or feeling through their physical behavior." So, this is perfect for identifying underlying emotions of another person. When a person is in love, they tend to stay close to the other person, have their toes pointed to that person while talking, or may show some grooming behaviors such as running their hands through their hair before talking to their person of interest. They may prolong eye contact, and glance at the other person's lips, which is a huge indicator of interest.

There are differences between men and women on how they show their love interest. With men, they tend to show their feelings more through posture, while women tend to show their interest through physical touch and directions of the eyes. The toe-pointing is mostly done by men, and the glancing at the lips is mostly done by women. Men may sit up straighter and touch knees with their person of interest, and have their hands down flat on their own legs or on an available surface. Women tend to hold eye contact for longer periods of time with their love-interest.

The similarities between the genders is that both tend to face their main body parts towards the other person, such as the knees, hands, and chest. An increase in physical touch is a vital sign, especially from women, who may lay a hand on the other's shoulder or knee, arm or hand. Body language that indicates disinterest is usually the opposite--feet pointed away from the person, hands hidden, eyes darting away from the other's eyes, etc. A huge indicator is not having the front of the body facing the person at all.

If you've identified enough clues that a person is interested in you, that is the time to take action. If you consider yourself to be bold and "out there," ask the person if they'd like to go out sometime. If you are among the shyest, perhaps you would have to work your way up to asking the other person out. Give your own body language to the other person and see if they pick up on your vibes. They may mimic the same actions, or give you even stronger impressions in return. The most common is mimicking arm positions and movements, and may smile when you smile, or may try to copy your own unique mannerisms. Whatever the case may be, keep an eye out on those ques. Writing tips on love isn't easy!

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