What's an appropriate first date outfit for a girl?

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We've all been there ladies, the dreaded first date outfit. What to wear? It seems that no matter how stuffed your closet is, you can't find anything, but there is hope! It really just depends on who you're going out with and where you're going. I like to think of it as the date L.A.W. Location, activity and weather. All three of these things are important when picking out an outfit for a first date or any date for that matter. First we will discuss location. Where you're going is ultimately going to be one of the most important factor in you're choice for clothing. If you're going to a bar, I would recommend something a little more sexy, maybe a little cleavage or leg if you are comfortable with that. If it's a dinner date then I would suggest a casual dress or maybe something more formal, depending on the restaurant. The movies? Jeans and a cute top but definitely take a jacket because movie theaters tend to get a tad bit chilly. Speaking of movies, that brings me to my next point, activity.

     The activity is also another very important factor in the choice of your first date outfit. For instance, if you're going bowling, you are definitely not going to want to wear a tight mini dress and heels. If it's paint ball he's after (for the adventurous type) then you are going to want to stick with some type of athletic clothing that can be messed up and allows plenty of movement. If you're young and a boy is just coming over to you're house to watch a movie or the dreaded, meet you're parents, then just wear something comfortable but cute. If you are planning on staying in the house for your date then the next factor won't be an issue for you, the weather.     Mother Nature is a funny woman. Oh you curled you're hair? She's thinking rain. Feel like wearing that new dress tonight? Bring on the wind. Sometimes you just never know what the sky has in store so you just have to be prepared. Check the weather the day of you're date to make sure and if there is a chance of rain, take an umbrella and a jacket. If it's going to be windy, maybe wear that cute dress another night. Obviously if it's winter you aren't going to be wearing Daisy Dukes and a tube top and if it's summer you wouldn't be caught dead in a coat and the thick scarf your grandma made you. You know, the really thick one that you only wear when you really really need it. When it comes to weather just use your noggin and you should be fine.

     I hope that this has helped you, the date L.A.W has gotten me through quite a few situations, but in the end you just need to be confident in what you're wearing because confidence is key and it will be written all over you're face and body language.

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