Whats a good way of getting over a break up?

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Getting over a break up is not an easy task for most people. Most people go through several steps of grieving after a break up. it can cause severe changes in mood, weight gain or loss, abnormal behavioral patterns, etc… The list can go on and on. the grieving process is the easiest and the hardest part of a break up. It is often easy for a person to grieve after a failed relationship, the hard part is transitioning from the grieving process to the recovery process. In a lot of failed relationships the most detrimental part of a persons psyche appears during the grieving process. The goal is to move from the grieving process to the recovery process with little or no long term emotional strain. Do not get me wrong grieving is your minds way of healing, its when the healing process turns into the "self medicating process" that a person begins going through long term effects. Here is a few simple steps to ease into the recovery process, that include: Overcoming the grieving process. This can be done in many different ways each human being is different and copes in their own way. It helps to talk to someone that you trust. Venting is an excellent way of letting out all that extra emotion that can build up during and after the relationship is over, just remember over- obsessing can stall the process to recovery. The next step into moving forward with your life is learning how to make yourself happy. When you can make yourself happy and love yourself then someone else can truly love you. This can be done by finding new hobbies to occupy your time or focusing on your career. The key to all of this is finding what makes you truly happy. The next step into Recovery is letting go of the past. A lot of people tend to dwell on their past relationships and that ends up sabotaging their new relationships. Comparing new boyfriends/girlfriends is one of the worst things to do in a relationship, so always remember they are not that person. They are two different people. Getting over a break up has a lot of advantages. Most of the time all you hear about is the heart break. Sometimes breaking up with someone or getting broken up with can change your life drastically. For example, if the person was leading you down a bad road full of drugs and abuse, Once you are rid of that bad influence you might come to find that your life is a much happier and brighter place. Never let a break up control you or your life. When this happens it does not just effect you. It can affect your children, close friends, and even family members. Communication is the key to success. As long as you can communicate to yourself and others. You will take pleasure in more of life's opportunities. Following these steps will help you build a basic foundation that will lead you from heart break to happiness.

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