How can I be a challenge?

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No matter how young or old you are, if you have sex on the first date, the male will think that you are easy. He will see you as someone who gives it to all the guys. We are so confused about sex, relationships, religion, and family growing up, but have some morals for yourself. Build a relationship with him. Give him a challenge. If he is really a catch, don't be like all the other girls, just say no! Give him something to chase. Let him court and woo you.Don't go to bars and clubs to find your man. The kind of men you will find there will be drunks who don't work nor have a car, most of the time, and who want Sex on the first date.. Instead, just being out and about everyday, whether at school, work, or even running errands. Make yourself is important to always try to look and feel your best. Have a healthy breakfast. Go to the gym, you never know when or where you will meet someone special.

Don't dress like a slut. Be a challenge, challenge, challenge!! Yes, short skirts are cute. Just make sure you don't give everyone a free show bending down in the grocery aisle. Dress respectable. A man looking for a relationship looks for a woman with class. He wants to know that you are saving yourself for someone special. We all like to feel like # 1! So, when you lay down with him, he'll know you really must love him. Besides, this could be your future husband, if you play your cards right...

Let him chase you! Don't be like the girl who is desperate with no patience. That kind of girl is the one who always either gets rejected or has a bunch of one night stands. You might be asking yourself, how will I get him to chase me.... It's simple, lure him in. Laugh at his silly jokes. Compliment his car. Talk to him about his job.

The four things that men use to get a woman are 1. Power. 2. Sense of humor. 3. Attractiveness. 4. Social status.

Make him really like you. Make him miss you. Try to be the one who says that it's time to go home, even though you want to stay and spend more time with him.

It may take a lot of restraint. Good things are worth waiting for. If he likes you enough, he will ask you out again. Otherwise, maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

This doesn't mean have sex on the second or third date either. Wait long enough to get to know him. See what you and him have in common. Develop a friendship. See what kind of person he is. Does he have a good heart? Is he close with his family? Does he have brothers or sisters?

Don't lead him on if you don't like him. That's like messing with someone's heart. It's not fun to have a heartache. After you get to know one another, he'll make sure that first night will be like nothing you ever experienced, and everything you always wanted.

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