how can I find a girlfriend?

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Every guy, at some point in his life, has asked himself this simple question: Where can I find a girlfriend?

There is no need to panic if you have a social function coming up soon and you don’t have a date yet, or if the penny has finally dropped and you realize there is an emptiness in your life that only the right girl can fill.


The most important thing to remember is that it is always better to be yourself than to pretend to be something you are not, especially when you go out into the world on that age old quest of finding a girlfriend to make your life complete. The problem with false pretenses in the dating process is that, sooner or later, your true colors will shine through and if the girl of your fancy discovers that you have greatly misled her in what you told her about yourself, this might just mean the end of the relationship. Having said this, don’t be afraid to show confidence and to present your best attributes without fear; after all every girl wants to be proud of her man and for this a certain level of swagger and self-confidence is required on your behalf.


Don’t be so quick to copy everyone else’s approach to dating; be willing to come up with your own original ideas for the perfect date. Instead of a boring dinner date you may consider taking your dream girl on a picnic and entertaining her by playing some songs on your guitar, or if you don’t have any personal musical skills you can always take a radio along with a tape of all your favorite romantic songs. A bottle of champagne and chicken sandwiches added to the mix might just close the deal and make her yours forever.


Sometimes all a girl wants is a sympathetic ear to listen to her problems. You don’t have to be able to supply answers to all the questions facing her, the most important thing is that you should display and interest in the things that matter to her. If she is having a fight with her brother you can listen and make one or two helpful comments without having to solve the crisis. Your willingness to take the time to listen to her heart will score you many points in your quest to make her your girl.


Not only will it give you greater self-confidence if you take the time to learn the basic dance moves of a dancing style like the waltz or the salsa, but having some dancing skills will also immediately provide you with a means of meeting new girls, namely attending the local dance. Nothing impresses a girl more, or makes a guy look better, than him moving seamlessly to the rhythm of the latest music with the girl of his dreams held safely in his arms.


The search for a girlfriend should be a joyful challenge to you; an adventure which is to be enjoyed as an essential part of life. Do not delay your quest any further but go out there and start looking for her today!

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