How do I know when I am Ready for Sex?

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When you're dating in high school it can feel like all anyone if focusing on is sex. Who is having it, when did they last do it and how soon until they do it again. All this can put a lot of pressure on any young couple. It can leave you feeling as though you have to be having sex and if you're not that something may be wrong with you! The important thing to remember is that everyone should go at their own pace and you can't let outside influences make you feel pressured into having sex before you're ready. But, you say, you've been with your boyfriend for six months and still haven't done it. You're in love and everyone else is doing it so you should too ... right? Here are a few things you should consider when asking yourself, "how do I know when I'm ready for sex?"

How comfortable are you with your partner?It is important to be totally comfortable with your partner before having sex. You need to be able to be yourself with them. After all, you will be sharing the most intimate part of yourself. If you still feel shy around him or like you can't quite be yourself wait a while until you can.

Have both you and your partner been tested for any STIs?

Before engaging in any sexual activity you should know your partner's background. Every person that he has been with before being with you will become a part of your sexual history and vice versa. Make sure to have a frank discussion and go to a local clinic to get tested for any STIs before engaging in sexual activity. If you find this too embarrassing or "don't really feel like it" then you may not be ready for sex. Being sexually active comes with a lot of responsibilities and watching out for your sexual health is one of them.

What are your reasons for wanting to have sex?

"Because we've been together for so long" is no reason to have sex. Write a list of reasons you want to have sex with your partner and evaluate them from a critical stand point. Love and wanting to share yourself with your partner are good reasons. Because everyone's doing it and because you probably should get it over with, are not.

Do you have access to birth control?

Unwanted pregnancy can be a side effect of sex no matter how careful you are but are you doing everything you can to prevent it from happening? Do you have access to birth control such as condoms or the pill? If you are ready to have sex then you should be ready to see a doctor and protect yourself from any unwanted pregnancy.

If you are thinking about when you should have sex these are some great starting points to consider. Everyone is different but before losing your virginity or sleeping with a new partner for the first time you should be able to approach the topic of sex frankly and maturely. Make sure that both your body and your heart are protected and that you are doing it for you and no one else.

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