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Prepare your mind, for this information might change the way you think.

“Let’s just be friends.” Ever heard that one before? If I had a dollar for every time a girl told me that, I would probably have a girlfriend from all the money I made. No joke, I think I might be holding a record for having the most female friends. Anyways, do you want to crack the female code?

I know I did, and do you want to hear a game changer? Get ready… Looks don’t matter. Imagine a hot unknown model, and Jay Z, appear in the club, and both approach the same girl. It’s pretty much easy to guess who she is going to be attracted to (I hope you are guessing Jay Z). The reason behind it is status, and the man who is going to teach you all of this is RSD Tyler.

Tyler teaches you how to convey a high status without actually having one. So Owen Cook or Tyler as people call him, is a pick-up artist who refuses to show his teachings to the mainstream media, believing that the world is not ready for the info. Yeah, you are in the matrix. Now I just gave you an option; Take the blue pill, and try to beat my record for most female friends. Take the red pill, look up RSD Tyler on Youtube, and embark on a no return journey. Seriously these things will change the way you think. Watch the videos, and start becoming the best version of yourself, and remember with the new things you will learn, you won’t be able to go back to your normal self.

Any possible questions that you may have on how to "pick up chicks" can be answered by me, or you can google it if you want the harder way. Spending most of my teenage years (as much as I would not like to share this info) learning "the game," I have gone through the biggest part of the process. It has brought me closer to the best version of myself, and the best thing about it is the fact that anybody can do it. I know a lot of people with messed up faces, and no traces of a nice personality. The fun thing is they just started approaching girls, didn't quit, and got so good at it that they can do it now with ease. You just need to practice.

You start to test out what works, and what doesn't. You start to say things, and do things just to see what happens, because you want to get better at it all, and women admire men who strive for a goal. At the end of the day, all you need to do is take action, get out of the comfort zone, and start living your life. You deserve that, everybody deserves that.

To sum this whole thing up, "How do i start to pick up chicks?" It's really simple... You just suck it up, and go approach.

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