Is the trouble keeping commitment something exclusive to this generation?

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Many have talked over and over again about the difficulties we all meet when looking for genuine people to relate ourselves to, but what we seldom discuss is our own, personal difficulties to keep ourselves close to another human being, even someone that we truly care about in a deeper level.

In an age where online communication has become the main focus of our attention, where relationships are based on the pictures you were 'tagged' on Facebook and the types of comments you have on your twitter account, there is no doubt we're having serious trouble keeping commitment at the top of our priority list. We don't have the time to meet people face to face nor the patience or time to invest on a relationship.

We are used to live at a fast pace and the art of relating to others is everything but easy and fast paced! It takes time and effort. It takes caring. The trouble keeping commitment alive is not only something related to the twenty-year olds nor the thirty-year olds, it reaches all the population that has been affected by the daily necessity to revisit an online, fast paced internet world where everything seems easier to deal with then in real life.

The answer to our problems is not on leaving technology behind and trying to force ourselves back into a life we no longer know how to live. Being wise and realizing we must use all of the tools we have in the modern world is what we truly must do. We need to blend both worlds together. Trouble keeping commitment is not an exclusivity to those who consider themselves addicted to an online life, it is a reality to all of those who cannot face the hard work that it takes to keep somebody else at their side long enough so they are able to build a trusting relationship.

Some of our generation's men and women are used to the novelty of always being in a new relationship. The feeling of adrenaline and innovation can be an addictive drug. If you cannot learn how to deal with your necessity for the new and mix it with the nestling qualities of building a solid commitment, you will never be able to balance everything you need and everything you want in a relationship. You must bring the best of the two worlds into your own and get the best out of the choices you make.

So if you feel like you have a genuine hard time in building a trusting relationship with someone, try to think about everything that could be getting in the way. Give you and your loved one more time and space so you may know each other deeply. Great technology can be enjoyable and productive tools in your daily life, but a lasting relationship is exactly what you will wish for when you realize that owning gadgets won't be there in your times of trouble, but a reliable and loving partner will.

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