Teen Sex Advice: Am I Ready?

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Dating for teenagers, especially at 13 or 14 years old, can be tough. Constantly worrying about whether or not a guy likes you, or whether his actions around you are hints of cheating. The same goes for the guys out there as well. By being a teen myself, I know that these times can be tough.

There are a lot of times that I just browse the internet and Google terms for advice. A lot of these tend to lean towards teen dating advice or teen sex advice. Through this, I learned that there are a lot of teenagers out there (both male and female), who are feel they are being pressured into having sex with their boyfriend/girlfriend. On Yahoo Answers, I have found this question appear many times, from all over the world: "My boyfriend/girlfriend wants me to have sex with them, but I'm not sure that I am ready. What should I do?" My advice for this would be to let them know that you aren't ready to have that much intimacy yet. Especially if you a younger teenager, around the age of 13-15. I applaud those who can ask this question with the certainty that they aren't ready. It shows your matureness about the situation.

If you tell you s/o that you aren't ready and they keep pressuring you about it, let an adult you trust know. You do not want to fall for peer pressure at all, let alone it being about sex. Sexual intercourse is something you want to share with the one person who loves you no matter what. You want it to be special, not just because you felt pressured into it. I have seen too many girls fall victim to this at a young age. They fall for the sweet guy act, give in to having sex with them and then end up hurt in the end because that is all they wanted or end up pregnant. And being pregnant is not something you want to deal with at such a young age. A few of my closest friends have fallen victim to this, and they were not prepared fro the consequences. They never had the courage to ask an adult what to do in this situation, and they never looked online for the teen sex advice that they needed firsthand. Don't be shy, the internet can be your best friend when it comes to advice like this, if you know where to look.

There are many advice columns out there dedicated to helping answer teen questions on sex, love and relationships. You just have to keep your head held high, and steer clear of peer pressure no matter how intriguing the subject may look. Nine out of ten times, if it is a subject of peer pressure, it will have multiple negative effects on your life. Don't allow the negative to out weigh the good. Don't give in until you absolutely know that you are ready to have sex, and use protection when that time comes.

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