When is the best time to have sex while dating?

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What is the best time to have sex, while dating? This is a question that many women and men ask themselves. In order to make sure that we are not confusing the two we must first know the difference between the two. Dating is simply going out with someone into a public or private setting taking time to get to know their inner being. While sex, on the other hand, is a special moment shared between two individuals who will allow a bond to occur from that moment forward. Ok that is the fairytale myth of what sex is and what we all would like for it to be. Sex is actually a moment, yes that is shared between two individuals but there may not be a bond that is created.Women are emotional beings that think with their heart and their mind. Men, on the other hand, are natural providers and protectors they think with their genitales or maybe their ego. Due to this, when a young woman is having sex for her first, second or third time may believe that this individual is the one. The person she wants to share herself with. Men, on the other hand, are thinking that they want to add another notch on their built in order to brag to their friends or increase their black book count.

So, when you ask when is the best time to have sex while dating. The answer is there isn’t necessarily what we would call a best time, There can be a right time which would be the time when you as the woman are ready to share yourself or you as the man are ready to accept the responsibility with the woman whom you laid with then that is the best time. If you as a woman feel like this individual has misrepresented himself to you in any way take time out to think. Was there ever a time he promised a phone call that he didn’t make, did he not open the door for you, and you expected him to, or maybe he just didn’t ask you how your day was but instead ranted and raved on how his was, if you explained to the gentleman you have certain rules about dating and he disregarded what you said then for you the time isn’t right?

If you as a man, noticed she calls to many times when you're out with your friends, she fuses because you didn’t listen or comprehend what she said the way she wanted you to. The woman disregarded the rules you set together at the very beginning even though she agreed. Then the time is not right for you.

If you miss all the significant signs that are telling you not to and in the heat of the moment, you do it anyway then you live with the underlying consequences of what should have been for you a very special time; the best time to have sex while dating is the time that is right for you.

Written by Tina Walker 11/28/11

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