Why Women Cheat?

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“Don't stick your hand in somebody else's cookie jar,” seems to be advice that is needed more and more in today's society. In the present day, infidelity seems to be anything but uncommon. In fact, in a survey given to 100 individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, 48% admitted to engaging in infidelity at some point in their adult lives. When a man is unfaithful, it is usually just for the physical pleasure. Sex feels good and men love it. They’re not looking for anything emotional, particularly if they already have someone at home. As a matter of fact, it’s usually the opposite: men like to cheat because they want sex with no strings attached – after all, men don’t pay prostitutes for sex, they pay them to leave. However, the million dollar question is why women cheat?

Women, on the other hand, are generally searching for something deeper. Don’t get me wrong, women love sex as much as men do. But it is unarguable that women are the more emotional sex. When women cheat, there is usually a psychological-emotional reason for it. Particularly after marriage, a family, a mortgage, car payments, etc., a woman has the tendency to feel like a housekeeper rather than a sexy lady. Whether a couple has been married for 5 years or 50 years, it is important to keep that passion alive. Unfortunately, that's not always easy. Nobody does it on purpose but sometimes life just catches up to you and there’s hardly room for any romance. Here’s a little secret: men are not the only ones who start to feel bored; women fantasize about those steamy sex scenes too! If a woman feels bored and unappreciated by the man in her life, infidelity seems like a smart solution, particularly if the passion seems unredeemable.

If a woman feels like she is not getting attention in her relationship, attention from an outsider can be very seductive. Everybody wants to feel desirable, but a woman NEEDS to feel desirable. If a woman does not feel like she has that sexual-emotional connection with her significant other anymore then she naturally is going to seek it elsewhere. A simple compliment from a man may make her want to rip her clothes off right then and there. Even if a woman has a loving husband, she might still feel bland. Being a provider is not enough, a woman needs someone that wants to jump her bones!

Her man may want her, but does anyone else? It is healthy when a woman feels flattered that a man is checking her out, but it is unhealthy to want to act on that attraction. Having an affair may confirm that she still has “it.” After all, if another man wants to sleep with her then she must not have let herself go, right? Wrong. Most men will sleep with anything that has two boobs and a skirt on. The need to keep that groove usually stems from self esteem issues. Sometimes a lack of self esteem is the result of relationship problems, but other times it is just an unresolvable inner issue.

Lastly, revenge sex is as popular as ever. The most common motivation for a woman to engage in revenge sex is when her significant other has “been a-messin'” where he shouldn’t have been “a-messin'.” If her man has been running around town then she may think that cheating on him will get rid of the feeling that she isn't good enough. There is no worse blow for anyone—man or woman—than being cheated on. A woman may feel like her partner's infidelity justifies her own affair. Not to mention, she probably wants to hurt her man in the same way that he hurt her. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, right?

Loneliness, lack of affection, boredom, low self-esteem, and revenge are the typical reasons why women cheat. There are exceptions to every rule, however. Some women may cheat because she had a couple of drinks and “she didn’t know what she was doing.” It’s possible that she cheats just because she wants to have sex. Then there are the more complicated situations. For instance, maybe she is with one man but she is actually in love with another. She may even be confused about her sexuality, secretly longing for the sensual touch of another woman. But that’s a story for another time.

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