Alcohol and Drug treatment programs

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Alcohol and Drug treatment programs

Alcohol and Drug treatment programs are listed in the Yellow Pages under the heading alcohol treatment/substance abuse or treatment centers. You can also contact the local general service office for Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous for a list of names of facilities in your area. You can also use the Internet as most treatment facilities and or programs are listed on the web. You can also gain information by contacting your local hospital and ask for their chemical dependency treatment program, the directors of these programs have a vast list of facilities in your immediate area and in the surrounding counties. You can also contact the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services that we will be listed as a part of your local county offices. If you still cannot find a treatment program in your area you can always attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting in your area, if you choose to attend one of these meetings for information you only need to talk to the secretary of the meeting and they will put you into touch with the representative for hospitals and institutions. Hospitals and institutions is the group designated to take meetings into hospitals, treatment centers, jails and other institutions for Alcoholics Anonymous. They will have a complete list of facilities in the area including facilities that are not listed for reasons of anonymity. A local doctor can also refer you to facilities in the area and may even have contact numbers and people to talk to. You may want to contact your local clergyman for help also.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the primary means of treatment for Alcohol and Drug addiction worldwide. You can find the book Alcoholics Anonymous online or at any bookstore, you may also purchase a copy of this book at any meeting (most meetings will provide this book free of charge to those who can't afford one). For the most part all treatment facilities that are residential in nature will be using the 12 step formula to recovery that is outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. Only a small percentage of people with alcohol or drug related addictions actually need to go into a residential treatment program, many find positive results from attending meetings and following the program outlined in the book. As alcohol and drug treatment programs are very costly even with insurance coverage is standard procedure for treatment is to start with meetings and if that doesn't work then outpatient treatment is implemented. If this is not result in the desired affect in regards to treating the Alcohol or Drug problem the standard procedure used by the Alcohol and Drug tests just sent him treatment programs is to place the client into intensive outpatient care. Alcohol and Drug treatment programs normally reserve residential treatment as a last resort. Although many people feel that they need to be placed into a residential alcohol and drug treatment program at first they later find that they do quite well using the original alcohol and drug treatment program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. Keep in mind that finding and alcohol and drug treatment program may be as easy as looking up the number for your local Alcoholics Anonymous general service office and getting a list of times and places for meetings in your local area.

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