How to get caught driving under the influence

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The piercing pressure was excruciating, the ample consumption of alcohol earlier that night was catching up with my body. The alcohol was not only affecting my bladder, but also my vision and quite obviously my inhibitions. I could no longer control myself; I slammed on my breaks, opened my car door and urinated in the middle of a busy, downtown intersection. The absolution is exactly what i had needed. With a gratifying shake and a swift lift of my undergarments I jump back into my car and continue my brash decision of driving under the influence.

To think the night had started out on such a good note, only to progressively make a turn for the worst. It all started with a man, but this is how most of my stories seem to begin; It was a first date, a date from hell. He was a handsome man; muscular and masculine, ultimately a womanizer. Hand in hand we paraded ourselves throughout the bar, with each strut my heart beat quickened and my eyes became glossy. Unknowingly to me he was quite prominent in the club scene, we walked in and instantly stood in the limelight. We received free valet parking, free club entry and free drinks all night.

My blood alcohol level quickly climbed and my head rapidly clouded. Something about this man was crooked, something was amiss, something i just couldn't put my finger on. This handsome man was no longer compelling to me and was on a stead fast route to being a pig. His lips curled as he spoke, but i could no longer hear his words. My eyes recklessly sought after the door as my fingers detached from his grasp and swiftly gripped my car keys. My brain relocated from my crotch quickly to my legs and carried me out of the club.

As my car accelerated down the street I thought to myself on to the next bar, this was not how my night was going to end; however in hindsight it ended much worse. This time I entered the bar alone, however my night of drinking for free didn't come to an end. Finally drunk enough and past bar close I was on my way home; although many would think my arrest came while my pants were down, they would be proven wrong.

I drove erratically for 20 minutes; I was only about 5 minutes from my house and the only car on the road, the light turned yellow and i never hesitated to brake. Soon to follow were the lights and the sirens; the one time red, white and blue mean anything but freedom. This is when it hit me, I should not have been driving under the influence, I knew I was going down. The officer proceeded in asking me to recite the alphabet, my eyes crossed, I quickly and confidently narrated the ABCs, as he walked away I knew i blew it.

I reached for my phone and slowly typed in the letters G O O G L E and then proceeded to search for the correct order of the alphabet, well known for my skills in using Google for all of my questions, I failed at finding my answer. Still unaware of how to recite my ABCs the officer asked me to get out of the car to begin the sobriety test. Typically one foot after the other isn't even something one needs to rethink, but in this particular instance of intoxication I could barely even remember how to breath. After making a fool out of myself for quite some time stumbling and trying to walk a straight line I was obviously proven to be over the legal limit. Only to prove the officers hypothesis I was told to blow into the breathalyzer, my blood alcohol level read .18, well over the legal limit. I was hand cuffed and placed in the back seat of a squad car, like the criminal I had never fathomed I'd be.

Mascara flowed down my cheeks as I cried in shame, the once good girl gone bad. I was arrested and taken to the police station, I was beyond mortified. With a mixture of makeup and tears on my face I had my very first mug shot, far from the glamorous night that had began. My once free night of fun turned into ticket after ticket after headache after headache. Although my short lived night at the police station was not as horrible as I had imagined, I had learned one thing for sure; driving under the influence is far from intelligent. In taking the risk of drinking and then driving you're also taking the risk of losing your life or taking another. Although I am now missing out on a couple thousand dollars from this experience I do not regret it, for I have learned a valuable lesson and one i will not remake.

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