What are the consequenques of Teenagers on Drugs?

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Drugs and alcohol are at the top of the list of things that are destroying the youth. Engaging in these activities, in excess, not just as experimentation, is the reason this current generation is suffering. Also could easily be cited as one of the causes in the downfall of American education. With the onslaught of pharmaceutical drugs becoming rampant on American campuses, as opposed to the traditional drugs, such as pot, cocaine, and heroin, overdoses have also increased.

Education is essential to becoming a successful adult. Teenagers who engage in illegal activities have much higher drop out rates and now a days college is imperative to a bright future. Drugs and alcohol abuse are much more prevalent within poverty stricken families. A college experience almost guarantees a higher paying job than those who have less education. With 1/6 people in the United States struggling with hunger, according to feedingamerica.org, few would argue that substance addiction encourages success.

Drug and alcohol abuse is also notoriously bad for families. Alcoholics are known for their tempers while drug addicts are unpredictable. Trouble with the law, violent outbursts, spouse abuse, are just some of the issues that come along with addiction. This has a very negative impact on young children. Anxiety and depression are common among teenagers who witness these activities at home. Teenagers on drugs are often inspired by a family member who has also led a reckless path.

Teenagers who start abusing drugs early are more likely to end up in prison or dead. Drug crimes continue to sky-rocket in the United States, the Bureau of Justice estimated in 2007 that over 1.5 million crimes were committed in the name of drugs. The center of disease prevention and control (CDC) estimates that 15,500 overdoses in 2009 were linked to drugs.

Many teenagers on drugs fall into a life of crime that is hard to escape. Selling soon becomes part of the equation, in order to sustain the drug intake. Building up a tolerance for these damaging chemicals is extremely harmful. Not only does it become more and more expensive, but the health damages slowly become irreversible because of the higher quantities.

One of the saddest facts about drug addiction is the extremely low number of people who end up recovering. Relapsing is one of the most common occurrences that can happen to a drug addict. Many times the drug is more powerful than the user. While people will say that the experience was great at the beginning, the happy part slowly diminishes until its nonexistent, and the pain continues to grow. Separating a drug addicted individual from his vice becomes difficult if not nearly impossible. Losing friends and family members to substance abuse is a common theme in in counseling.

Teenagers need to understand the consequences of abuse as a teenager. Addiction can lead to a much sadder existence then originally desired. Goals, dreams, aspirations, and hopes, become lost in the wilderness of addiction. Few are lucky enough to escape the doomed path. Even those who do, are always looking back, and wondering if they can take just one more hit. Teenagers should learn to explore life through books and human interaction rather than through the darkness clouded shallow tunnel that is addiction.

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