Why do you want to stop getting high?

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For someone to scream out in complete agony that they "cannot stop getting high", clearly means that some part of them wants to stop getting high. The real question that comes to surface is, are they willing to do what it takes to truly stop or is it just a cry for help in that moment of weakness when they know the roller coaster ride is about to begin. Anyone who experiences that rush of a high knows that eventually you must comes down and it is painful, brutal, and leave the person only wanting to go right back up.

There is something inside the person that wants to stop. They are sick of the torture. Sick of the the sleepless nights. Sick of hurting the ones they love, and sick of hurting themselves. Sick of having to defend for themselves at all cost. Every day they put their life on the line, only to begin to tell themselves they are invincible because they made it through another day. The belief is engraved inside and they push these limits even further. Another life is tested, and before long, more and more lives are in jeopardy. The one who cannot stop chasing that next high keeps running after it, hoping to feel what he or she felt the first time, but they never will. It's a spiral, away from themselves, their family, their hopes/dreams/aspirations, and who their where really meant to be. Addiction not only affects the person suffering from it, but it affects everyone around the one suffering.

So again, the words are uttered, "i cannot stop getting high," and someone says back, Why do you want to stop getting high?.

The answer is clear. The yearning to have a life outside of drugs and alcohol goes deeper than continue to experience the life chasing the next high. The problem is the means to find that life. It is never put in front of the one suffering from torturing dilemma. The solution is never seen. So people keep screaming for help, and many just continue to pass them by.

Given a chance, those dreams and aspirations can be filled. Families can be put back together. Once the person stops getting high, the promise to find themselves again can be fulfilled. A whole new word will open up. I have seen it happened to all walks of life. I have seen it happen to people who thought their lives were over and they would never have another fighting chance to rebuild their lives again. It was possible, and is possible. Why do you want to stop getting high? Because you have a life to live that was made for living. Getting high blocks all potential. Blocks the beauty in the person getting high and blocks the beauty that can be seen in everything around you. Try it. Seriously. Then the question will be, "Why did I ever start getting high?" That will be a whole, new and exciting topic, as to why.

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