What does it take to create a long lasting friendship?

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Friendships come and go. But, as emotional beings, it is important for us to develope relationships of substance that last longer than a one time meeting. Delveloping relationships with individuals can be difficult at times, however, what may be even more difficult is maintaining these relationships. Thus, what does it take to create a long lasting friendship with someone. I don't believe there is any particular thing that one can do to accomplish this. Developing substantial relationships takes takes time, commitment, and an actual desire for the friendship to actually last.

Deciding how much time is an adequate amount to devote to a friendship can sometimes be a difficult task because we all have a different degree of needs. Some people could spend every moment of their free time with their friends. While others desire more alone time than friend time. Whatever the exact amount of time may be, it is important to gague this in your relationship. One wouldn't want to cause a a sense of smothering nor neglect. In order to ensure that you're devoting an adequate amount of time to a friendship one should simply pay attention and not take offense if an invitation for interaction is turned down.

Now, when I say one should provide a commitment in a friendship, I don't mean that your friend should bear the same importance as your significant other. I simply mean that if someone is a true friend, they should be able to to count oun you for support. They should be able to call you when they just had a huge blowout with their boyfriend or cry on your shoulder if they just lost their job. By showing a person that you care about their feelings and can make time to listen to their problems, you are showing them that you are committed to the friendship.

Perhaps the most important aspect of creating a long lasting friendship is an actual desire for the friendship to be maintained. Figuring out if there is a genuine desire to maintain a friendship may require some personal reflection on your own goals and values, because as the old saying goes, you are the company you keep. If you feel as if a relationship with someone isn't positively impacting your life or social realm, it may be time to end that friendship. However, if a freind only adds positive energy to your life, it's probably a friendship worth keeping. One should never be afraid to end a relationship that negatively impacts their life.

All in all, developing a long lasting friendship isn't extremely difficult. With the correct blend of personalities, it can actually be fairly easy. Becoming friends with someone should be a fun adventure, void of stress pertainging to the friendship. One must simply develope a good sense of determining what personalties are a good combination with thier own and go from there. Upon implementing the time, commitment, and desire that it requires, the actual development of a genuine relationship should come without thought.

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