How to achieve true happiness?

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Happiness can mean many different things to many different people. Happiness can be getting an amazing score on a test you studied hard all week long for, it can be slipping on your favourite pair of sweats after a hard day at work, or, happiness can simply be having a reason to get out of bed in the morning. There are endless ways to define it. But how can you achieve true happiness? it's what we all long to know, isn't it?

I believe that to be truly happy, you should demolish all the negative energy and people that surrounds you. Live with no limitations and do what you want to, be with people who make you laugh, be you and if someone doesn't like it, well who cares? Your opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to your own life. Take care of your body, just as much as your mind, set yourself goals and do all you can to reach them, don't be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake or aren't always the best at something, you're only human!

What else is your key to achieve true happiness? Well I think it is learning to forgive and believe in second chances, being optimistic and kind! Smile at everyone you see, and let the people you love know that you love them! Making others happy and letting them know you're grateful to be in their life is bound to brighten your life, as well as theirs!

True happiness is as easy as letting go of all the rules you've made for yourself. Let go of as many worries and trivial things as you can, don't stress about money, living is free if you look carefully. Jump in the water and don't worry about your hair, will it seriously even matter next week? If you like art, then ink your skin and look at it forever, if you regret it later who cares, what a fabulous story it makes for. If you like a weird piece of clothing, wear the shit out of it and smile at everyone who looks at you funny. If you want to sleep in and skip work, then sleep in and skip work. If you want to have vodka and cranberry juice for breakfast, then wake up and pour a double shot into a cold glass and drink up even if it is 8am. If you want to ride the train for free, then get on that god damn train for free. Blast your favourite song and sing the hell out of it at the top of your lungs if it makes happy!

All the limitations are limitations we make for ourselves. You are the captain of your own soul! Today has the potential to be the best day of your life, live it to the fullest! Go out and make amazing memories, and meet new people. Don't be afraid to take risks and do things outside your comfort zone! Live and take each day by storm like it is your very last.

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