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Happiness is just a key away, right? That's what we're used to hearing and believe it or not, that's actually no less than true! Happiness isn't found in a new Ferarri or in the most attractive person in the room. Well, it can be, but it isn't. Happiness is found where you'd usually least expect it. You're probably already in a good or somewhat decent mood, but just thinking "I want to be happy" or "I want to feel even BETTER" already works wonders. Follow me as I give you a short, sweet and to the point step-by-step solution to happiness.

First things first, the typical, to be expected lines such as "It's better to give than to receive" are about to end, but that phrase has more meaning to it than to just add extra depth to your ordinary Christmas special. It genuinely affects your mood and your emotions. That moment you realize "I just helped someone. I may have changed their life. I could have even saved it at some point down the road" you realize that there are far more things in life than not getting what you desire. At that moment when you realize helping someone that needed it felt right, you realize just how much you have, which in turn gives you a better sense of joy.

Second up, avoid negativity at all costs. Break ups are generally depressing situations, and will almost always lead to you being steered into a conversation that you could and should do without. In relation to that, sad or depressing music may or may not help you as it's effect differs between people. Some look at songs such as "Hello" by Lionel Richie and become depressed right along with him, while others leave their emotions behind while feeling empowered. People that often complain should be avoided at all costs, as misery loves company. These are very important at keeping a positive outlook on life.

Third is overworking yourself, don't do it. While working hard is a sure sign of good willpower and determination, overworking can bring unnecessary stress, wear and tear, possible depression on to your body; all of which you don't need. While certain drinks and energy supplements exist to help combat your exhaustion, the one thing that works best would be to couple a healthy diet with a normalized sleep pattern. A quick tip is that apples provide energy while 27 minute naps provide the optimal amount of rest for a break.

Lastly, and to wrap everything up is stress. It's a silent killer and ultimately everything your body doesn't need. It can lead to deep depression, weight loss (or gain for some), distancing yourself from friends and loved ones, both physical and emotional drain, and a plethora of other extremely negative side-effects. When it comes to stress, no positivity emits from it, therefore it should be avoided at all times, at all costs.

While this article may have not appeared to be helpful, believe me when I say it is. Happiness doesn't come over night, and if it does it'll end with regret the next day. Love, peace and tranquility will put your mind and body at ease, and give you the ultimate feeling of satisfactory. Good luck, and remember to be happy, no matter the cost.

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