Why am I not being happy in life?

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What is true happiness? Could it be the feeling one gets when receiving a paycheck? Maybe it's the moment where a father witnesses the birth of his first child. Being happy in life is something that many strive for but very few achieve.

One formal definition of true happiness may not be agreed upon by the masses considering it being relative to each individual. What makes Joe happy may not necessarily make Clyde happy, subsequently what makes Clyde happy may not make the golden lab down the road happy; but we can all agree, it feels good to be happy.

The feeling that one achieves when they are happy is rivaled only by love, which is comprised of happiness. Happiness is what allows a person to take on the role of patriarch within their world; any and everything is theirs for the taking. Unfortunately, something happens that makes all the elation, all the satisfaction held so dearly, vanish. Distraught, the person steps back into themselves and thinks, "why can't I just be happy?" A thought provoking question that everyone has asked themselves at one point or another. Why did the "so-called" bad experience take away their feeling of satisfaction? The life of every being living on this beautiful planet we call Earth is filled with ups and downs, tribulation as some might call it. Most people don't experience true happiness, yet, there are a few who have found a way to cling to this ever fleeting emotion.

Being happy in life isn't a gift that's given or received, it's something that's created from within. In lieu of this, many individuals stake their happiness on things outside of their control. I was trapped in that mindset for a long time; my material possessions, my "love life", my job, my money all held my happiness. Materialism holding someone's happiness is terrible to think about. How is this possible? Material items are fleeting, here one moment and vanished the next. Never once did I think to myself, "My life makes me happy, I hold my happiness." Needless to say, everything came crashing down around me like dominos: first my health, then my job, then my money, and then my "love life." For awhile I existed within that life of depression, of anguish, of wondering why and to where my happiness had disappeared.

Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone [or anything] else that much power over your life," Mancy Hale. I had broken that rule and the last place I had to look was within myself. What made me happy? After pondering that question over the course of a few days I stumbled across a quote by Gandhi that read, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony." Soon thereafter, I found myself returning to that which awarded me solace, writing. It was while brandishing a blue pen that I found my calling and, in turn, my true happiness. My mother always told me to do what I love for a living because then I won't feel like I'm working. Using that momentum I propelled myself into my writing career and looking back was no option.

Bob Marley said it best, "Love the life you live, live the life you love," and I do. Waking up every morning knowing that my job is something I love doing is more than satisfaction, it's relief. Never again have I said, "I hate going to work today," nor wished for the weekend to finally roll around. True happiness is phenomenal for those who experience it and to those who have not I have a few words of advice. Go out and be truly happy in life.

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