How to be in a successful relationship?

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To be in a successful relationship, the thing that I believe that makes a successful relationship is to show affection to your partner. I believe that showing affection makes your partner feel good, because once you stop showing affection to him or her, they start to wonder if they are doing something wrong and it makes them begin to question the relationship. Be open. Opening yourself to your partner shows them that you really care and that you feel comfortable with him or her. You may not think so, but opening yourself to others can be a good thing as well. It shows that you can talk to your partner about anything. Be there for your partner when he or she needs it. Be that shoulder they can cry on at anytime. Comfort him or her when they are going through a tough time. Listen to what is bothering him or her and do what you can to help them, whether it's just listening to what they have to say, giving them advice, or just showing some sympathy for them. Try out new things or do things together. Whether it be going to the new movie or doing something adventurous. Doing new things or going out every now and then can liven up the relationship if things are starting to get dull. But then again you always want to make sure that you have alone time with your partner no matter how busy both of your lives are. Tell your partner that you care for them or you are glad that you are with him or her. It shows that you appreciate them and that you care about them. Remember to always talk to your partner. Communication is a big part when it comes to relationships. If your partner doesn't know what is going on in your life, they aren't going to know what to do or how to react in the relationship. Laugh with each other. Laughter can really help out your day if it is going bad, but if you and your partner are laughing together it can make a great relationship. Laughter can help keep the passion in a relationship. Admit to your mistakes. After an argument, give it some time for the both of your to cool off. If you know you were wrong in an argument, don't blow it off, admit to your partner that you were wrong and apologize. That can make for a better relationship and really help with your communication between you and your partner. You always want to talk about things. After an argument, forgive each other. Don't hold grudges of the past you want to think about the present and the future of you and your partners lives. Give your partner some space when you think that he or she needs it or when they request to have some space. You don't always have to be around your partner, its always nice to have a night out with just you and your friends. It keeps things just a little more stress free, just to go out for the night and have responsible fun with your friends. The very last thing is to support one another. Be supportive of your partners decisions, whether it be college, a job, or studies. Not only are you in a relationship but it's nice to have a good friendship as well with your partner.

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