I'm in serious need of advice on interracial dating. I think im starting to like this girl at my school, but Im black and she's asian. Should I still pursue her? What will people think?

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Relationships are all about caring for another individual and showing them your all. It does not matter whether the particpants in the relationship are black, asian, white or spanish. I have actually been in a few interracial relationships myself and they were quite fine. However, I do know that if you asked around for advice on interracial dating, you would come up with a particular position towards it. Although this accumulation of advice may be the most direct, it is not always the most accurate as it can be heavily biased. This being said, pursue the girl if she makes you happy. Do not listen to your peers around you that may poke fun at your decision. If you are truly into her, go get her. If there is one thing I have learned growing up, it is that you can not allow those individuals around you to influence your life in a way that your not ultimately content. After all, the relationship is for you and your partner's benefit, not your peers. Although advice on interracial dating can be tricky, there are other things needing to be factored in as well. For instance, if pursuing this particular girl will affect your education, perhaps it is best to let it go. No relationship is worth a loss of education. Another thing, make sure the both of your parents know about the situation; there is nothing worst than a hidden relationship. Be open to anyone that may become involved. Secrets and lies do not contribute to a successful relationship. Again, look at this as a relationship, not as an interracial situation. If the two of you get along well, then there is no reason why you should not pursue her. Most importantly, ask her how she feels about you to ensure that you are not wasting your time. This is one thing you deffinately do not want to engage yourself in. Be sure of her thoughts, and be sincere with her emotions. The fact that you are searching for advice on interracial dating is a guaranteed plus. Your concern for this situation certainly displays your seriousness. A sound mind is without a doubt the greatest assisting factor to you initiating this connection. However, although your mind may be completely clear in knowing that you want this girl, be thoughtful of her feedback. If this girl does not wish to engage in a relationship with you, you have two choices; you can let the thought of the relationship go, or you can try again at another time. Often, it is best to let it go even though your heart may be telling you something different. You do not want to damage something that hasn't even begun and may still be up for consideration. In conclusion, use your best judgement in deciding what you should do. Someone can tell you all day the ups and downs of interracial dating, but only you hold the final decision in deciding what it is that you wish to do. The power is in your hands. I hope that I have been of great help to you and I wish you good luck.

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