im a 17 y/o girl in high school I'm a senior, i dont like going to any of the games i don't want to go to any of the dances except prom..sometimes when i do go to games and go out with my friends i wish i was at home. i dont really like hanging out with people i like to be by myself and with my family i dont like to go to parties .. id rather be at home on the computer i just like to be at home when i do go around my friends they annoy me sometimes and make me mad i just hate being around people i do enjoy being with my friends but its rarely... is there something wrong with me?

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Thanks so much for writing and sharing your feelings.

It is a beautiful thing that will take you far in life if you are good at sharing your true inner feelings

I really get what you are saying.

Sometimes our friends as we grow up are just into silly stuff that we think is stupid- but we may like the social aspect of having a group of friends so we stay fiends and end up feeling conflicted about many of them.

It sounds like you are mature for your age.

Especially if you spend a good amount of time with your family - you can often grow more quickly with the love and care surrounding you than some others that maybe have 1 parent or parents that are too busy to spend quality time with them.

Sometimes the amount of years we are alive on the planet is not equal to our maturity level .

Since you did mentioned you enjoy your family, it seems like all is probably fine in the ' human interaction' department.

If you didnt like people t all- none of them- then I might be concerned more.

I don't think you need to worry about anything being wrong with you .

When we are in our teens it is common to feel as you do.

Sounds like time alone or with your family is more meaningful / comfortable or enjoyable.

Don't push yourself to be any different than who you are.

You are a unique soul on this planet- no one else in the entire world is just like you!

I love spending time alone too.

Is there 1 friend that you like a bit more than the others?

Or maybe someone outside of your group that might be a new friend?

Maybe you are outgrowing the friends that you have now.

Spending chosen time alone does help to make us feel good about ourselves.

Go easy on yourself- it's hard growing up- so much changing so fast- so many confusing thoughts and emotions flying at us.

Whenever you do feel good about yourself I think it's good to be aware of it-

I like to write in journals- i might say or write

"hey i feel good- " or I love my life" even if it only lasts a day

I have 30 years of my life in journals- helps clear up my thoughts.

Ok take care

Dr Gigi

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