Success Advice for teens: What advice would you give teenagers on how to be successful, particularly those who've newly graduated high school?

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Success Advice for Teens

The best success advice for teens that I can offer is to never give up. You can become anything you want if you put your mind to it is not just a cute slogan that teachers use to feel better about themselves, nor is it a farce. You really can "have it all" if only you're willing to commit to the mental preparation needed to get there. We've often heard, in some variation or another that dues must be paid. As cliche as this may sound, when it comes to success--unless you're the next Megamillions winner--paying ones' dues is inescapable and unequivocally true. NEVER despise humble beginnings because there are no shortcuts to success. Every internship, every opportunity, every job (no matter how menial) is a stepping stone to your success, and are oftentimes the catalyst used to get you to your destiny, and to ensure humility in a world where arrogance and ego inevitably lead to downfall. The trick is to avoid weariness and ill-contentment. You do this by keeping the end result in mind and maintaining an attitude of gratefulness for every milestone. Life is simple, but it is not easy. It's simple because whatever you want, you certainly can have it. What makes life hard is, are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

There will be many roadblocks, distractions, and failures that you will incur on your road to success. Sadly, only the unshakably determined and strong will survive those deterrents and continue to press towards the indelible mark of greatness that they are in hopes of achieving. I would be remiss in providing success advice for teens if I did not hone in on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Sure it starts out as seemingly harmless fun, but when it becomes constant and consistent behavior, breaking the chord that binds the mind to it's toxic and seductive influences becomes next to impossible. Having a beer or two to celebrate a good time or a much deserved accomplishment is one thing, but all out binges every weekend (or during the week) is something entirely different. Unfortunately, being able to consume large amounts of drugs and alcohol is often celebrated among youngsters, and is particularly common practice on college campuses. Those suffering from the need for acceptance are susceptible to distraction more so than others. That's why it is important adopt a leader mentality versus the mentality of a follower.

While there may appear to be no immediate danger or threat to "having a good time", later on always comes, and before you know it, you're missing class because you're hungover or because you simply do not want to go. Preparation and studying turns into cramming 3 weeks of material into the night before the exam, and you slowly watch your 3.2 GPA decline into the abyss of mediocrity--which is full of those with solid potential, but those whom have missed the mark along the way concerning prioritization. The only way to solidify a solid future is through sacrifices and hard work. As stated, there are no shortcuts to success, but those who are willing to make uncommon and unpopular sacrifices will inevitably get there.

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