What is a good Christmas gift for her that any guy can afford?

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As Christmas approaches, guys all across America are scrambling to figure out what Christmas gift for her they should be getting. With that said, if you are like 80% of teenage guys out their, you really don't have all that much money to get her something with. So here are three simple gifts that will mean the world to her!

1) No matter what she tells you, all girls have at least one stuffed animal. Whether she sleeps with it or not, it has sentimental value. So here is an idea: Give her another one. Go to build-a-bear, or a similar store, and make one for her. Put a recording saying 'Merry Christmas' or whatnot in your own voice. It may sit on a shelf for the rest of its life, but she will never forget it. Along with this, if available, dress the animal! Yes, it may be embarrassing, but it will show your individual identity. teddy bear off the shelf, teddy bear dressed like a biker when you have a motorcycle; which one has more personality?

2) Do you play an instrument? Learn her favorite songs! Little side note here: if her favorite song is 'California Girls', play it for her IN FRONT of her friends. Everyone will laugh, she will have a good time, and you will show your willingness to sacrifice dignity as a Christmas gift for her pleasure. Please though be careful. If her favorite song is Lee Brice's 'Love Like Crazy', you're golden. Inversely, if her favorite song is 'Stay' by Sugarland, find something else instead. Look at the meaning of the song before you get yourself in trouble.

3) Even if you can't buy her any Christmas gifts, spend the day with her! Movies, popcorn, and a blanker? That is pure joy. Go ice skating, let her put snow down your coat, walk to her house in the snow! Here's a tip: Go watch three chick flicks that are Christmas themed, take some notes. and you are good to go.

Here's the thing guys: these are only a few ideas out of THOUSANDS you can use. The best thing you can do for a Christmas gift for her this year is to simply listen: listen to what she wants, listen to what she hates, listen to what is upsetting her. When you do these things, the idea for what to get her will become clear. She loves comic books? Make her one. You might think it's stupid, but at the very least it will be from you and personalized, and that is what matters.

Listen guys, here is the biggest piece of advice you can have: Don't reach. If whatever you are doing is something you would never, under any normal circumstances do, she will know that someone else helped you. The Christmas gift it is you get her will be something she saves. All girls have a box of things they keep forever. Your goal? Get your Christmas gift in that box.

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