What is the best approach for a pregnant teens in a relationship to approach the parents?

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The worst problem teens find themselves with while in a relationship is a pregnancy. Teenage relationship solutions for pregnancy is to be completely honest with each other and the parents. Most teen boys find it hard and almost impossible to face other parents. The best approach to make towards a girlfriend's parent(s) is to be completely straightforward. The opposite would be to beat about the bush and not come out with the straight truth. Lying about a pregnancy could be the worse possible idea unless circumstances make lying the ultimatum. Telling parents about a pregnancy depends entirely on the surrounding circumstances. If the parents are abusive, then the best idea would be to keep quiet about the pregnancy until you are forced to tell. Don't tell them unless they ask. Abusive parents are always looking for a reason to beat up their child. Lying would be giving them another reason to unleash their rage. If the parents are the abusive type, the best suggestion would be to stay out of their way until no longer possible. If the girlfriend has the understanding parents, then telling them would be a lot easier. Good parents will be upset at the information at first naturally. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel if your teenage daughter suddenly discovered she was pregnant. You be quite taken aback. Come straightforward and then wait a few days for the idea to settle. After they become use to the thought of a grandchild, then discuss the matter a little further with them. Do not attempt to discuss the matter deeply with them when they first hear the news. It is best to wait a day or two.

The next step is coming up with an agreement in other words a compromise with the parents. Some parents would want the child to be quickly aborted. If you do not believe in abortion then this would be the proper time to put your foot down. It does matter what your parents think, but they are not entirely control of your life. You can decide whether an abortion is the proper next step. Before letting your girlfriend get an abortion, make sure the both of you have completely researched the topic thoroughly. Doctors may not tell you everything you need to know. Other parents would want the child to be quickly put up for adoption right after the birth. Remember, it is totally up to you to do what you want with your kid.

Most often the problem every teen couple with a baby face is the problem to keep the kid or not. The girl usually wants something different from the boy. Problems arise when the girl decides she wants the kid but the boy does not or vice versa. If you do have a girl friend with a child, be sure you and her talk this matter over deeply and calmly. Most couples fight and break up due to these decisions. Keeping a kid is the toughest decision to make and the most important. Keeping a child can be the hardest choice to make also. For one, the girl will be going through the roughest time in her life. A time full of pain and emotional uncertainty. Make sure you stand by her through this time. Standing by a girl when she needs someone is the best and most loyal thing to do. Teenage relationship solutions are what most young adults look for but often do not find.

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