What is the teenage view of imperfection and beauty?

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Beauty. More specifically teenage imperfection and beauty. It guides so much of our lives, beyond the point where we can really see it. We don’t really think about it. We just simply accept the way it is in the world. It can however alter the entirety of the world, as it in fact already has begun to do.

From the magazines to the clothes, makeup and routines we put ourselves through; we constantly strive for something better than we already are. We put ourselves through diets, weight loss, Botox, breast implants and cheek lifts, so that we can be a “better” version of ourselves. Is this really a better looking us? Typically it isn’t, and if it appears to be, there are usually complications and risks to follow, as well as more attempts to improve further.

As little girls, we grow up playing with dolls and Barbies who are made almost perfectly with few (if any) flaws. We may not admit it, but deep down we might have told ourselves we wished we looked like them. We grow older and find out about makeup and ways to falsify our face and disguise any imperfection noticeable on our skin, even if it’s slight. We may also want to be attracting attention from boys, so we try to be what they want us to be.

This isn’t true for everyone, but sometimes we don’t always realize exactly why we do things, and maybe deep down the reasoning is different than we thought. Beauty can be a good thing, as it allows us to feel confident and sparkle and feel glamorous. After all, every girl deserves to feel beautiful and pretty, because in some way or another we all are. Our world in general is very flawed in the way we look at beauty and the degree we go to in order to achieve it.

It’s how you choose to listen to the ads, the boys, the magazines and the commercials that make the difference. Sure we are all influenced by what we see and hear, but we do have the choice and power to decide what we want in life and how much we let media and the opinions of others affect our mind and life in general. We look at ourselves in the mirror and pick at ourselves, wishing we were that much prettier. It takes years for us to be comfortable and confident in our skin.

Each of us is imperfect, with something we are sometimes embarrassed to speak of. Something the makes it difficult to get through life at some moments. There’s always something we fear bringing up in conversation, because we don’t want to be judged by others. If it’s our hair, our face, a disease, a disorder, something small, something big, it exists in each and every one of us. Some of us are good at burying the feelings, and others wear the emotions on their sleeve. It can dictate our every day decisions and actions; whether we have a good day or a bad day.

We often find our teenage imperfection and beauty as flaws rather than beautiful unique qualities which make us different and wonderful. We will cry, shout, smile, laugh, shed tears and live, even with these flaws. It might take weeks, months, even years to come to terms with whatever those flaws might be, but I can guarantee from experience that it happens.

I’ve dealt with my share of hard times, maybe greater or lesser than yours, but I have undoubtedly had moments of breakdowns. I’ve fallen apart, shattered to the floor, but I’ve also grown and accepted who I am. I feel a million times better being happy with the woman I am and loving myself. I know that the moment this happens for you if it hasn’t already, you will smile with sheer relief and happiness.

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