What is the best way to pass for a Transgender FtM Teen?

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Passing for a Transgender FtM Teen can be one of the most difficult things, especially while trying to understand your body. There are a ton of Do's and Don'ts for you out there- places suggesting this and that for cures for dysphoria. There are so many sites and blogs for us out there, but every story tells a different tale.

First things first, here's a do and don't list that's simple to the point:

DON'T: Use ace bandages, they get too tight and can bend your ribs, and it can cause issues with top surgery in the future.

DO: See about getting a binder, or KT Tape, a good binder can run for $50 plus shipping, and KT Tape or runners tape (10 ft is approximately 3 applications) can go for as little as $3.50. If you cant afford either or are in the closet, two sports bras work wonders, one on normally and the other on backwards.

DON'T: Bind for longer than 8 hours at a time, even as advanced as binders are becoming, they too can bruise and bend your ribs.

DO: Stretch when binding, make sure you can breathe. Holding your hands above your head and coughing allows you to re-expand your chest. If your chest starts to hurt, take your binder off.

DON'T: Wear a ton of layers on a hotter day, if you can't bind, a loose baggy shirt usually does the trick.

DON'T: Use over the counter hormone treatment or online stores, it's dangerous no matter what you try to do.

DO: Talk to your doctor, if your family doesn't know, ask privately, doctor/client privacy is your friend. It can take time, but it is worth it to go the safe way.

DON'T: Think just because you experience more or less dysphoria that you are any less a part of the LGBTQ+ community, you feel how you should, and you are valid.

DO: Believe it gets easier over time, you'll see the changes one day.

DON'T: Give up, you do matter, and you are valid.

DO: Speak up if you are being verbally or physically bullied or abused. Find someone you trust, tell them. Your safety and comfort matter just as much as the rest of the worlds.

When or if you start using HTR, it will take time, it all depends on your dosage and your own metabolism and hormone levels. Most of the time, the first change to start showing up is hunger, you will eat more, have more energy. Your emotions will be a bit more erratic, a little more quick to anger. But all of that is normal, and taken bit by bit you will become more of the person you want.

Being a transgender FtM teen can be hard, but you are never completely alone. There are Youtubers and bloggers, and more of us FtM boys out there than you think. We exist in shadows and in pictures, in closets and on stages. We are everywhere you look, and are willing to help. There is always an answer and a way to get to safety. You are not alone.

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