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Dealing with teenager issues can be difficult for parents and teachers, but often times, it’s more difficult on the teen. Adolescents have a lot going on from hormones and peer pressures to physiological changes in their brains and bodies. Most parents of teens will tell you that their children lose focus, make rash decisions, build closer relationships to friends rather than family, and experience mood swings. All of those things are normal; however, you should be more concerned about extreme behaviors such as:

* getting into fights

* poor relationships with others

* disregard for consequences

* difficulty managing anger and emotions

* feeling hopeless

* sadness most of the time

* withdrawal from friends and family

* difficulty focusing or finding the energy to do things they used to enjoy

Teenagers are at a higher risk for serious emotional disturbances so it is important to learn how to constructively deal with your teen and their issues – your involvement can make a difference.

Sadly, substance abuse is often a contributing factor to out-of-control adolescents. Drugs commonly used by teens (i.e., marijuana, inhalants, alcohol, tobacco, ecstasy and stimulants) affect the chemistry and function of the brain. The good news is, the number of teens using drugs has declined over the last five years (19.4% down to 14.8 %), but it does not mean your child will not fall victim to peer pressures and addictions. A teenager’s brain is still developing and the use of drugs can alter that development significantly; it is important to seek professional help if you suspect your child is using drugs.

XXXXXXX Center also has Positive Youth Development Program (PYD) designed to promote healthy choices for youth ages 10-17 through education, awareness, policy change, community collaboration and evidence-based Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) programs. If you need help dealing with teenager issues (particularly drug abuse), ask your child’s school to partner with the PYD program to educate your community’s youth. Education is the first step in preventing unnecessary problems with your teenager.

Did you know that 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood, and in the 24 hours, 1,439 teens will attempt suicide? That is alarming! XXXXXXXX Center has a strong Child and Adolescent Services Program equipped to help you and your teen by working directly with the teen to deal with their emotions, control their reactions and to improve their self-esteem.

To understand your teenager, you need to be aware of the unique sets of environmental pressures and problems, as well as personality characteristics of each teen. No one adolescent comes with an instruction manual, but we can help the better understand each other and deal with the issues by involving the family and finding the right program for your teen. XXXXXXXX Center’s program equips parents with the tools necessary to deal with their troubled or depressed teen. Most importantly, the program provides your family with solutions to problems in the home and helps you understand your child.

Build a stronger, healthier and happier home, call XXXXXXXXXXXXX Center at XXX.XXX.XXXX to learn more about our Child and Adolescent Services Program, and how they can help your family.

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